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Introducing the new Punch & Lock (PAL) concrete deck insert system from Mason West Inc. Pull tested at high capacities, the MW-PAL replaces the need for several different embeds into one convenient package, reducing cost and adding value.

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Mason Industries has been a leader in the field of noise, vibration and seismic control for over 40 years. Their products are specified by consultants and architects in the U.S. and throughout the world. In addition to a complete range of mountings, hangers, and flexile connectors for mechanical equipment, they provide computer studies for snubbing systems in earthquake and bomb blast zones. Floating floors, walls and suspended ceilings provide total acoustical room isolation. Rubber bearing pads and spring mountings are used to support entire buildings and railroads.


Mercer Rubber Company

The Mercer Rubber Company was started in 1865 and specialized in molded rubber mechanical products, rubber sheeting and conveyor belting. We began building rubber expansion joints in the early 1930's.

Mason Industries, one of the world's largest producers of molded rubber expansion joints, acquired the company in 1982. Mercer is managed by professional engineers and our engineering staff is larger than any other similar company.

Hand built flexible expansion joints for piping and duct work solve problems that cannot be handled by other materials. Rubber is more compliant and resilient than metal, fiberglass or plastic.

The technology behind building shapes for industrial applications has grown. The United States chemical and industrial complex is in the forefront of synthetic rubber for chemical resistance and temperature extremes. Modern reinforcement fabrics and tire cord have completely replaced early designs using cotton and rayon. The end result is a lighter, more flexible, higher pressure and temperature resistant product

Expansion Joints
sslogo.gif  300 - 310 Series Sleeve Type
sslogo.gif  450 Series
sslogo.gif  Flanged Eccentric/Concentric Reducers
sslogo.gif  500/600 Series Heavy Duty
sslogo.gif  700 Series Teflon® Lined
sslogo.gif  800 Series Teflon®
sslogo.gif  1000 Series
sslogo.gif  Molded Rubber Expansion Joints
Flexible Connectors
sslogo.gif  Duct Connectors
Industrial Hose
sslogo.gif  Series 100 Vibraflex Reinforced Rubber Pipe & Metallic Hose
Stainless Steel Flex Connectors & Expansion Joints
sslogo.gif  Mercer-Mason Stainless Flex
Detailed Information
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Metal-Fab Incorporated

The Metal-Fab commercial division offers the most complete line of chimneys, vents, special vent for condensing appliances, fume exhausts, engine exhausts, and factory-built kitchen ventilation systems available. Our innovative product offerings are designed to meet the changing needs of the industry. Selecting the right product for your application, constructed from the proper materials, is simple and easy with Metal-Fab. The rigid quality standards of our systems assure durable and reliable performance.

 Kitchen Exhaust
 Fume Exhaust
 Heating Appliances
 Engine / Turbine


Nexus Valve

Nexus Valve was established in 1994 with the intent of providing the HVAC industry with the highest quality hydronic system components at reasonable costs. The company founders and senior staff have over 75 years worth of experience in sales, design and distribution of HVAC and mechanical contracting products, and were among the earliest proponents of specialized hydronic components and packaging. Nexus Valve was founded to provide single sourcing of quality hydronic components, to provide value-added services for resellers and users of hydronic products, and to allow others in the industry to benefit from such a program. The combined experience of the Nexus Valve staff ensures a complete understanding of the marketplace from manufacturer to end user.

Hydronic Specialties Nationwide

Starting with simple ideas for better products at reasonable prices, and utilizing a managed growth program, Nexus Valve has now evolved into a nationwide presence in the hydronic specialties niche of the HVAC industry. Nexus Valve distributes complete hydronic valve packages and components through their vast network of independent sales representatives. Most of which have local inventories of products for quick availability.

Nexus Valve continues to look to the future by improving the quality of products and services with a deliberate program of expanded product lines, services, and distribution outlets. We look forward to serving the entire industry for many years to come.

Nexus Valve has compiled a large, prestigious list of jobs. We have strived to produce a product with the highest quality in the industry at a competitive price. You can find a partial list of some of the higher profile jobs in various markets along with all product information their web site.

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