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Innovative Vibration Isolation from California

Mason West serves all of California, Nevada, and Hawaii. We provide the best in vibration isolation systems. Mason West represents Mason Industries, Inc., the world leader in vibration control products. We offer everything from neoprene to natural rubber and steel coil to pneumatic air springs to isolate the vibration caused by rotating components of equipment in your building. This can help ensure that your building’s occupants are kept both safe and comfortable by limiting the amount of vibration felt throughout the structure.

Mason West’s products can limit up to 99.99% of the vibration energy within the structure, though in most cases 90-95% isolation efficiency provides both effective and economical results. This vibration isolator efficiency is dependent on 3 variables-

Using these variables, Mason West can work with building design consultants to determine the best system to isolate most of the vibration caused from the disturbing frequency of mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems. To learn more about how vibration isolation works, feel free to contact one of our representatives today.

Seismic Restraint: Keep Your Vibration Isolated Systems Safe

Besides vibration isolation for standard day-to-day comfort, Mason West also provides seismic restraint systems that work independently from the vibration isolation system to, not in any way, impact its performance . Mason West can help ensure that your building is free from vibration produced by various mechanical, electrical  and plumbing system equipment, but is safely designed to accept seismic loads from an earthquake should that occur. With more than 45 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to ensure the systems installed in your new building will be vibration isolated and meet current seismic requirements in the building codes.

Contact Mason West today to learn more about our vibration isolation possibilities. Our representatives will be more than happy to answer all your questions and put you in touch with one of our seismic engineers.

Neoprene Pad

Seismic Neoprene Mount

Heavy Duty Seismic Spring Isolator

Seismic Spring Isolator

Spring Hanger

Spring Mount

Seismic Snubber/Restraint

Seismic Air Spring

Pump-Inertia Base with Spring Mounts and Seismic Snubbers. Pipes Supported on Seismic Spring Mounts

Pump-Inertia Base with Spring Mounts and Seismic Snubbers

Pumps-Mechanical Room

Spring and Seismic Snubber

Air Handler with Seismic Spring Isolated Steel Base and Height Saving Brackets

High Deflection Seismic Spring Isolator

Air Cooled Chiller on Seismic Spring Isolators

Steel Base with Height Saving Brackets, High Deflection Springs and Seismic Snubbers

Inertia Base with Spring Mounts and High Capacity Seismic Snubbers

Chiller on Steel Frame with Height Saving Brackets and Seismic Spring Isolators

Suspended Fan with Spring Hangers, Seismic Cables and Rod Stiffening Hardware

Suspended Fan Coil with Spring Hangers, Seismic Cables and Rod Stiffening Hardware

Download the new OSHPD approved Mason West Seismic Manual