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Mason West provides the highest level of service to our customers. Whether you are a contractor tasked with constructing a new building or an owner representative of that building, we’ll work with you and your needs to provide the best options available. We here at Mason West, can provide everything from a simple mark-up of your plans to assistance with 3D model design–for both a new construction or an older building that needs to be retrofitted.  

Seismic Restraint Systems

Mason West is the leading company for seismic restraint systems anywhere earthquakes can happen. We provide seismic bracing for new construction or for retrofitting of existing construction for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection (MEPF) systems throughout California, the West Coast, and beyond. As leaders in the seismic brace industry, we can help ensure that your building stays safe and functional. With more than 45 years’ experience, our extensive knowledge and our large-scale capabilities make us the best choice for seismic restraint systems. 

Vibration Isolation

Mason West serves all of California, Nevada, and Hawaii. We provide the best in vibration isolation systems. Mason West represents Mason Industries, Inc., the world leader in vibration control products. We offer everything from neoprene to natural rubber and steel coil to pneumatic air springs to isolate the vibration caused by rotating components of equipment in your building. This can help ensure that your building’s occupants are kept both safe and comfortable by limiting the amount of vibration felt throughout the structure. 

Mason West’s products can limit up to 99.99% of the vibration energy within the structure, though in most cases 90-95% isolation efficiency provides both effective and economical results. This vibration isolator efficiency is dependent on 3 variables:

Noise Control

Mason West provides the best in noise control throughout California, Nevada, and Hawaii. With more than 45 years of experience in the areas of vibration and sound control we are happy to provide further efforts to ensure the safety and comfort of buildings with noise control. We all know that noise can be a huge factor when it comes to the comfort and livability of a building, especially when that building houses mechanical, plumbing, and electrical (MEP) equipment that can generate large amounts of noise DIRECTLY OVER OCCUPIED SPACE. That’s why Mason West has taken our expertise to the next level with products that isolate sound.

Flexible Connections

Mason West provides everything from complete mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection seismic brace systems to piping expansion joints and more. Flexible connections for mechanical and plumbing piping for a variety of conditions. For instance, mechanical piping that carries hot water or steam often endure pressures and temperatures that are extreme. Because these pipes are made from heat-sensitive metals, these pressures and temperatures can cause expansion and elongation. If they are not prepared to handle these situations, they can burst which may cause damage to the area as well as breakdown of other equipment, systems or entire buildings. 

However, normal pressure and temperature variability are not the only situations in which pipes may face extreme conditions. During seismic events and earthquakes, the pipes need to be able to handle large amounts of motion. That’s where Mason West’s pipe expansion joints can help. By inputting flexible pipe bends and elbows, loops, and other expansion compensators, pipes can be installed to handle any of these situations and prevent failures from happening. 

Design & Engineering Services

We can design, fabricate, and construct vibration control and restraint systems for areas sensitive to seismic events. Our dedication to providing the best in products and engineering services in our industry has led to us being the top name in the business. Plus, we ensure that our clients come first.

Download the new OSHPD approved Mason West Seismic Manual