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Flexible Pipe Connections for Temperature, Pressure and Seismic Applications From Our California Headquarters

Mason West provides everything from complete mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection seismic brace systems to piping expansion joints and more. We serve California, Nevada, and Hawaii with top-quality products and services. Flexible connections for mechanical and plumbing piping for a variety of conditions. For instance, mechanical piping that carries hot water or steam often endure pressures and temperatures that are extreme. Because these pipes are made from heat-sensitive metals, these pressures and temperatures can cause expansion and elongation. If they are not prepared to handle these situations, they can burst which may cause damage to the area as well as breakdown of other equipment, systems or entire buildings.

However, normal pressure and temperature variability are not the only situations in which pipes may face extreme conditions. During seismic events and earthquakes, the pipes need to be able to handle large amounts of motion. That’s where Mason West’s pipe expansion joints can help. By inputting flexible pipe bends and elbows, loops, and other expansion compensators, pipes can be installed to handle any of these situations and prevent failures from happening. Our experts have worked for years to design these systems with all sorts of situations in mind, so you know you’re getting the best when you choose Mason West.

Piping Expansion Joints for Sound and Vibration Control as well as Thermal Expansion

Mason West also provides pipe expansion joints to vibration isolated equipment employing specific types of piping joint designs. They are often implemented in series with the vibration isolation systems for equipment such as pumps, chillers, and cooling towers to reduce vibration and noise transmitted through the piping systems. Our engineering department is fully aware of all components of the ASME B31.1 code procedure which allows us to design the best systems and fail-safes.

Building Expansion Joints For Seismic Applications

In seismic regions, the building structures often include expansion joints to separate two structures from one another.  They may be two new structures or a new structure and existing structure.  In either case, it is common for the mechanical and plumbing distribution systems such as pipes and ducts cross over (or under) the expansion joint.  For these cases, the distribution systems require design and support to accept the motion that may occur when these buildings move independently of one another in a seismic event.  The standard above ground motion is about 2 to 3 inches per floor above grade level.  

Another less frequent, but extremely challenging application occurs when a building itself is supported on isolators designed to protect the structure during an earthquake.  Distribution systems entering a building from outside or underground may require design to accept up to 60 inches (5 feet) of code required motion.

Since most piping systems cannot accept these kinds of motion, Mason West can provide a solution using pipe connections built to accept the code required motion in all horizontal directions.  Not only that, they represent a wide array of flexible connections, expansion joints, ball joints, universal tied joints, etc. to accept all mechanical and plumbing system applications and pipe materials.  

Whether you need piping solutions for vibration and sound control, thermal expansion, or seismic occurrences, Mason West can work with you to design the ultimate system. Give our team a call today to get started.

Braided Straight Flexible Connector

Double Sphere Expansion Joint

Mechanical Room with Single Sphere Expansion Joints

Bronze Braided Flexible Connectors

Double Sphere Expansion Joints

Bronze Braided V-Loop Testing

Isolated Building Mechanical Seismic Joint

Download the new OSHPD approved Mason West Seismic Manual