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Mason West is the Premier Industry Leader in Engineered Seismic Restraint Systems and Vibration/Noise Control Products

As a contractor or engineer on the West Coast, you need to consider how seismic activity will affect your final product. Guarantee your systems will stand with help from Mason West and AJ Engineering.

Mason West is proud to be a platinum distributor of Gripple gravity support products.

California-Based Sales/Engineering Company for All Your Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Needs

Mason West is a sales/engineering company based in Southern California. We proudly offer engineered products and services throughout California, Nevada, and Hawaii. We provide seismic restraint systemsvibration isolation controlsnoise control services, and flexible connection systems for equipment and related utilities to contractors and consultants seeking to create or improve commercial and industrial buildings. Our combination of products and engineering services, unique in the industry, has been optimized to provide our customers (design consultants, contractors and building owners) with everything necessary for a complete, code compliant seismic design.

Our team of experts at Mason West has the experience, extensive knowledge, and capability needed to provide well thought-out solutions. We are adaptable to a wide range of facilities and systems, no matter which aspect of your mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems needs support design. Our team of experienced sales staff work with you during project development; conceptual, design and/or construction stages. We work closely with our in-house design and engineering team, AJ Engineering, to ensure your systems continue operation at optimal performance.

We also offer a wide range of products from:

Seismic Restraint Systems
Vibration Isolation
Noise Control
Flexible Connections
Design & Engineering Services
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From Nevada to Hawaii: MEPF Engineers and Contractors Trust Us

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection (MEPF) engineers and contractors trust the widely specified products and services Mason West provides for their equipment and related utilities. Our expertise and insight make our sales/engineering company the industry’s leader in seismic restraint systems and vibration/noise control products. In addition to vibration/noise control and seismic restraints products from world-renowned Mason Industries and Mercer Rubber Company, we offer quality products from well-known and trusted brands like Nexus Valve and Metal-Fab Inc. Our San Francisco and Sacramento Offices also offer Rovanco Piping Systems. We dedicate our time and efforts to our clients in order to ensure that we give you all the support you need. If you wish to visit our office, we are based in Placentia, California, and we have three additional offices throughout the state: San Diego, San Francisco (Livermore) and Sacramento (El Dorado Hills). If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable team of experts have the answers.

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Download the new OSHPD approved Mason West Seismic Manual